I dare you.

I dare you. via Tiffany Han

I dare you to take a chance on yourself, to step beyond your comfort zone.

I dare you to wear your heart on your sleeve, to be the first one on the dance floor, to let your enthusiasm show, to say I love you first. 

I dare you to make eye contact with the handsome stranger at Whole Foods, to smile back, to flirt with the barista because you can.

I dare you to put on the extra eyeliner because it makes you feel unstoppable.

I dare you to let the other car go first, to stop at the yellow light, to slow down for the sake of finding ease.

I dare you to give yourself 3 extra minutes to listen to your neighbor talk about her granddaughter’s soccer game, to smile and ask the question you know she’s hoping you’ll ask.

I dare you to tell your boss that you’re feeling bored and would loooove the opportunity to have more responsibility.

I dare you to disagree, to let your voice be heard, to state the unpopular opinion, the one that you’ve been feeling all this time.

I dare you to take a stand, to draw a line, to have an opinion - a strong one - because the things you care about matter. The way you are treated by the people around you matters. The way you stand up for yourself and other people and this world matters.

I dare you to speak up at the meeting when a terrible idea is shared. I dare you to give everyone a better idea to hang their hats on.

I dare you to sit up straighter. To hold your head up higher. To feel the confidence you envy in other people.

I dare you to go all in. On yourself. To take that risk, to make that move, to do that thing that could change everything. (tweet it)

And I dare you to do it today. To close your eyes and hit send on the email. To make the ask. To raise your hand and say yes. To yourself.

Because you’re ready. Because you know more than you think. And because, let’s tell the truth, you aren’t getting any younger, Gorgeous. Let’s do something with all of these experiences that make up your life. Let’s leverage them into something the 90 year-old version of you will be proud of. Let’s make them count.

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**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching