day brighteners

Oy. I woke up this morning feeling slightly fuzzy-headed after one too many glasses of wine at Maggie's birthday party last night (my sweet puppy girl is 1!) and was just not feeling today.

That is, I wasn't feeling today until I discovered two of the most amazing things on the internets:

1. A blog that is dedicated solely to decorating with turquoise. WHAT?! For reals, y'all, what hasn't anyone told me about this before?



(all images via the uh-maze-ing House of Turquoise!)

2. Say it with me: Giraffe. Wall. Decals.


I can't decide if they should go in the kitchen or in my soon-to-be-redone office/studio (leaning toward the studio), but (best part alert!) you can get them in turquoise!!

And just like that I've come full circle.

Big thanks to Christine at Brunch and Apartment Therapy for rocking my day!

Now I have a kitchen to clean.