Ep. 185: De'Ana Fierce on Confidence

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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I was so excited to finally get to talk with De'Ana Fierce, founder of The Modeling Standard, for this week's episode! We covered making leaps, finding confidence, and why respect is so critical. 

You'll hear us talk about:

+ How De'Ana went from police officer to model (and nope, she wasn't discovered at a mall!)
+ How to deal when listening to your intuition doesn't pay off immediately.
+ Why it's okay to want more for your life and creative work.
+ How you can choose confidence and where to find it.
+ ...and what to do if you aren't quite ready to make a shift. 

If you are craving confidence or are ready to step into a new phase, this episode is for you. Have a listen and then get excited. You've got big work to do. 

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