Declare Yourself Awesome


Have y'all heard about the Declaration of You yet?


You haven't?

Ok, so you know how I'm always saying that you have to own it? That everyone in this world has something special in them, something that makes them crazy unique and one of the secrets to living your most happy life is to embrace that special sparkly part of yourself and be who you truly are?

Ladies and gent ('cause really, does more than one boy read this blog?) here's the news of the year: there is now a whole e-course to help you own it!

Um, can we just sit with that for a minute? An e-course to help you own it? To teach you how to find those sparkly parts of yourself and embrace them? Even if they aren't what your parents/boss/partner/friends/acquaintances/family members think that you should be focusing your life around?

This is gonna be good stuff, my friends!

And...wait for it...the course is being taught by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift!

{cue lovefest}

Y'all know how much I love Michelle already, but I don't know that I've publicly swooned over Jess yet. Cause I've been busy. Busy doing things like working with both of those ladies on Spring! Busy doing things like working with Jess on my new website design (soon, folks, very soon!! But sooner if someone wants to come over and write all my copy for me! hehe). Busy doing thigs like getting so freaking excited about this e-course!!

Seriously. Registration opened yesterday and I'm already signed up!

And you should join me! It will be so a soul searching exploration of our selves. And don't worry if you're a little already have at least one friend to sit with at lunch! Me!! And, trust, I'm crazy-fun in the lunchroom!