Don't dream. Do.

We put so much emphasis on the dreaming – DREAM BIG! All the time!

What if you took time off from dreaming and commited to doing? Starting now. Like today. Right now. 

What if you put as much energy into taking action as you do talking about what you want and where you want to be?

Don’t tell me about your dreams to be a painter.


Don’t tell me about your dreams to be a writer.


Write every day. Write every moment. Write like a motherfucker.

Without action, your dreams are meaningless.

Focus on being amazing and the dreams part will fall into place.

Are you willing to DO whatever it takes to make your dreams come true? If not, they might not be the right dreams.

If so, what are you waiting for?

*grahic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching