dreams can come true

I was talking to a friend the other day and she stopped me in my tracks by musing, "Wow. Dreams really do come true."

Dreams really do come true.

In case you aren't following all of my random ramblings over on facebook (let's be friends yo!), I've got some big news for today:

I have joined forces with the lovely Mati Rose and Stefanie Renee to create Teahouse Studio!

We signed the lease last week on a gorgeous space and are official!! Whoo hoo!

Our vision for Teahouse is to create a center for joyful living, art and conversation and we are planning to bring artists in from all over to world to teach amazing workshops! We already have the incredible Flora Bowley signed on to teach in May!

Our website is still under construction, but we do have a signup form for our e-newsletter up in case you want to stay notified of new workshop announcements and share in the fun!

Thanks to all of your for your support in my big dreams! This is a very exciting step in my journey and I can wait to share the unfolding with all of you!