the value of dreaming small.

The Value of Dreaming Small via Tiffany Han

We're all told to DREAM BIG!

We have that rhetoric shoved down our throats - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY THAT’S TERRIFIED YOU?!!?! BE BRAVE! COURAGE IS KEY!

But what about the value of dreaming small? Of taking that very next teeny tiny baby step?

What if, instead of having your own talk show, you dream of being the best listener your children know?

What if, instead of opening up your own 5-star restaurant, you set out to make the perfect Sunday morning pancake?

What if, instead of being a best-selling author, you want to write every day about whatever you want for your 100 blog readers?

Quality counts. More than any of us realize.

If you aren’t sure how to start dreaming big, start by dreaming small. What’s one simple thing in your life that you want to be better at starting now? Let that be your start.

I promise, it is enough. You are enough. Scratch that. You are so much more than enough. So much more. You are love and light and bravery and courage all wrapped up in a gorgeous package of shaky hands and a butterfly-filled tummy, and a doubt-filled head where the "Do it anyway." whisper gets louder every single day. 

Enough doesn't even begin to describe you. Just as brave doesn't even begin to describe what it takes to live a happy life. Yes, there are moments of courage involved. But there are also moments of doubt, of vulnerability, of resolve, of Am I freaking crazy?! and of small wins in between.

The small wins that look like your teenage daughter telling you what's wrong before you have to ask. That look like you overhearing your friend tell someone that you make the world's best chocolate cake. That look like a single email from someone telling you that something you wrote changed her life.

It may not be sexy internet fodder, but the small wins are what actually make it all worth it. (tweet it)

So instead of feeling the pinterest-induced shame that your dreams aren't big enough, let yourself dream small. Let yourself focus on making what's right in front of you - what's already in your world - better.

Give yourself credit for what you are actually doing in your life instead of taking off points for what you haven't yet done.

Yes? Where can you start dreaming small today?

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

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