drumroll please...announcing the giveaway winners!

Happy Friday!

I am very excited to announce the winners of my very first (but hopefully not the last!) BIG Questions giveaway!

Congratulations to:Leigh Plummer, Rachel Cave, and Lisa Jacobs!

Note: I realized that with the way I'd set up the contest, my former newsletter subscribers were left out of the "subscribe for an entry" option, so I decided to give away a 3rd session to just the folks who were already subscribed when the contest started.

Thank you all for entering. I was so heartened to read everyone's comments and see that you're all really hungry for these questions. And ready to start answering, even though it's going to take some getting uncomfortable to work through it.

If you are still itching for a Big Question session of your own, I've decided to offer a discount for those of you who entered the contest. I'm offering 15% off (my friends & family discount) of my standard $250 rate, so  contact me to get going. It's good, good stuff. And if you want to learn more about how all this coaching works, you can apply for your free half hour Big Thing session here.

Thanks again to you all - I wish you could all be winners, and you are, in the game of life.

Remember that simply by entering this contest, you made a declaration that you were ready to start digging in to start making a change for yourself.

That is more valuable than any contest or prize. That, my friends, is what we in the biz like to call a game-changer.

Image: Hip Hip Hooray by Novelty Knees