Ep. 131: Dr. Vickie on Spiritual Health

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This week, I'm talking with physician-turned-spiritual-medicine-woman Vickie Lampkin about spiritual health, self-love and the question we all want answered: is it possible to be sane, healthy, and successful at the same time? 

I am such a fan of Vickie and her work and I loved her take on self-care (you may be surprised!) and what she sees as the biggest roadblocks we creatives face as we try to make creative magic happen. 

If you're looking to make a change in your life or are in the middle of one, this episode is for you! Likewise, if you're tired, burnt-out, or overrun by your ambition, you'll learn so much from this conversation. 

Bonus: Dr. Vickie is also one of our It's Business Time alums. We couldn't be prouder of what she created in our 6 months together! (Applications for the 2017 round are open through 3/15!)