when you're on the edge

Your Creative Genius Tiffany Han Business Coach

What do you do when you’re on the edge? When you feel like something is coming, some change is about to roll in - how do you ride it? Where do you start?

Why is it that, so often, being on the edge of something feels like you’ve hit a wall? It’s like you don’t know where you are until you look up and realize the wall you thought you ran up against is actually a beautiful cliff. A cliff that requires you to take some sort of action, to do something, to make a move. 

And that making a move - that’s the hardest part. That’s the part where we say,hmmm...but what if…? 

What if I take one false step and stumble to my death?

What if I leap and then realize halfway down that I have nowhere to land?

What if I think that I’ve got this but that I’m the wrongest of wrongs, that I should have actually turned back away from my edge, that the edge is the worst place to be?

That’s the thing about edges - they’re scary. And they’re beautiful at the same time. They’re full of possibility and success and failure and heartache. They have the potential for everything, but without action are just a pretty place to stand. 

{And I think we’re all looking for more than just a pretty place to stand.}

Most of the time, procrastination comes on HARD when we hit our edge. Because it’s scary, because it’s do or die time, because we have to go all in on ourselves and take that big step and see what happens when we start to do all those things we’ve always said we want to do. 

The edge seems glamorous when we see it from afar. When it’s just a dreamy place where we want to spend our time, when we see other people finding theirs and taking that leap (which is actually only a step). It seems like the most beautiful place in the world. 

But it isn’t. It’s terrifying. And ugly. Craggly rocks and sharp cliffs. Pebbles that slip out from under your feet as you walk, falling down into the crevasse. The edge is one of the most vulnerable places in the world to be. 

And when you find yourself up against yours, it's often the loneliest place you’ve ever seen. 

Because we all have our own edge. Because my edge looks different from yours and hers and his. 

So what do you do? What happens next when the human tendency is to take this edge and dive into procrastination, to seek out some form of safety?

Instead of seeking safety in the arms of social media or someone else's creativity, get to know your edge. Give yourself the grace and the time to get comfortable with the terrain, feel it under your feet, see what is required for you to stand there, to stand up, to be comfortable with the uneven contours of the ground. 

You have to give it time. But it’s a different kind of time than we’re used to - this isn’t the time of moving things you don’t really want to do from one to do list to another, nor the time to dive into facebook to feel even lonelier and worse about your life than you did before. 

This is the time for the quiet, to shut it all down, to walk away and walk around. To sit. To breathe. To think. {An aside: it's been about a month since my last email. This is why.}

This is the time to get to know your edge. To get comfortable there. To realize that this edge is a place where you are playing, that you are doing it, that you have arrived. 

And this is the time to figure out which next step you are going to take, even though it’s vulnerable and terrifying and lonely and amazing. Even though it’s all of that. 

We’re constantly being told that the secret to being a successful creative entrepreneur is to build up your audience by consistently creating valuable content. 

And so we work tirelessly to churn out the content, making sure that it’s useful and valuable to our audience. 

But what happens when we hit our edge and cannot maintain the content churning and the edge walking? Do we just keep churning and churning and churning, until we one day realize that going through the motions of the surefire way to grow and maintain your creative business! has taken you so far away from your edge that you aren’t even sure where to find it?

Because nobody wants that. 

So here’s your permission slip: You can do whatever you need to so that you feel good about your creative work. 

Take a break from it all if you aren’t sure what to say. 

Stop producing content if your content production schedule feels like a slow crawl to death. 

Get quiet so you can figure out what you really want to say. 

Let your procrastination tell you something - listen to it instead of using your energy to fight against it. 

Find and trust and get to know your end game - how is your creative work serving you? What are you building toward? What do you want your life to look like 5 years from now?

Doing all of this will get you even closer to your edge and help you be comfortable there when you find it. 

And this is required if you want to do what’s next - if you want to take that leap, or stride, or teeny-tiny baby step to make your move. 

We’re ready for you. The world is waiting. Now it’s your turn to do what you must to make it happen.