Elise Blaha Cripe on Making (and Reaching!) Goals


I was so excited to have Elise Blaha Cripe back on the show! This week, we talked all about goal-setting and getting things done. Elise is a MASTER at setting (and sharing and reaching!) her goals and I was excited to chat with her about the practical steps of how she gets everything done and how her business (and goals!) has evolved over time.

We also got to talk about two of Elise's bigger projects: Make29 and her Get to Work Book (amazing!) and how these projects have played into each other and what she's learned from her experiences with both. And, a discussion about goals and doing the work wouldn't be complete without diving into fear and comparisons. We covered a lot in this conversation!

Elise, thank you SO MUCH! It's always a treat to be able to share time with you! 

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Show Notes:

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