Emily McDowell on Standing Out

Emily McDowell on the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast with Tiffany Han

This week, on Raise Your Hand Say Yes, I was thrilled to talk with Emily McDowell. Not only is Emily my most favorite stationery designer EVER (and this is not an honor I bestow lightly!), she is also my friend. (Yep, I'm a lucky duck!)

On this episode, Emily talks about her balance of creative/administrative work (you're gonna be surprised!), how her 10-year career in advertising contributed to her success in the stationery industry, what to think about when it comes to branding your business, why avoiding trends is a great thing and Amy Schumer.

I'd say this episode is RYHSY gold. And I hope you love it!

Emily, you are a gem! Thank you to the moon and back!! 

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Show Notes:

Connect with Emily: Website | Instagram

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Rifle Paper Co.

Amy Schumer

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Seth Godin

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**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching