Erin Cassidy on Evolution

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han

I'm so excited for this week's episode of Raise Your Hand Say Yes for so many reasons!

  1. Erin Cassidy is back on the show talking about creative evolution!

  2. It coincides with my new website!

  3. Brandcrush is live in the world and is open for registration!

In this week's episode, Erin and I talk about the evolution of her business, and how she transitioned from day job dreamer to blogger to graphic designer to where she is now. We talked about the value of working hard, how to know when to pivot, the scary side of making changes and what to do with all of those pesky emotions that come along with the evolution! 

This episode is great for you if you're trying to decide to get something started or let it go. Or if you're wondering where you'll be in 5 years. The answer: who knows? (And isn't that at least a little bit exciting?)

And, hooray! Cheat sheets are back - get yours for this week's episode here. (Thanks to Erika Dillon for the gorgeous hand-lettering!)

Intrigued about BrandCrush? Registration for the inaugural round is open now and is limited to only 15 spots - is one of them yours? Get the deets here! 

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