Ep. 122: Erin Loechner on Letting Go

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Ah! I am so excited to be welcoming Erin Loechner of designformankind.com back onto the podcast. Erin is one of my favorite writers and I was thrilled to talk with her about her new book Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey off the Beaten Path. (Spoiler alert: this book is amazing and an immediate new favorite of mine!)

In this episode we talk about letting go of the quest for balance, how Erin learned to find her own path instead of doing what was expected of her, the art of getting vulnerable, and how to separate your worth from your accomplishments (!!). 

If you have ever struggled with finding a happy medium between all those things you think you *should* do and what you really want to do, this episode is for you! Enjoy, enjoy! 

Erin, thank you times a million. Talking with you is one of my favorite things to do.


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