Julie Schechter of fitBallet on Doing the Scary Thing

A few months ago, I got an email from Julie Schechter, telling me the story of how she walked away from being a lawyer (after Harvard Law School!) to start her own ballet-inspired fitness company. She was writing to tell me how inspiring the podcast was to her, and I immediately wrote back and asked to her to please come on the show to tell her story.

Lucky for me, she raised her hand and said yes!

This week on Raise Your Hand Say Yes, I'm thrilled to share my interview with Julie where she talked about doing the scary, unpopular thing by walking away from her looks-amazing-on-paper legal career to follow her dream of combining fitness and ballet. We talk about honoring your core values, the power of exercise, and how it feels to fight against the desire for external legitimacy and start trusting yourself.

If you ever struggle with doing what you really want to do and trying to keep everyone around you comfortable, this episode is for you!

Julie, you're such a star and I'm a huge fan of you (and your kick-ass workouts!). Thank you so much for sharing your story!! 

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Show Notes:

Connect with Julie & fitBallet: Website | Instagram | Twitter

fitBallet schedule of classes

fitBallet e-book - Note from Tiff: You guys. Get this. It's amazing. 

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