flea market finds

This post is loo-oong overdue, but I wanted to share with you guys some of my super fun finds from my recent trip to the Alameda Flea Market.

This flea market is super fun, but I do have two tips:

1. bring coffee
2. don't try to see the whole thing

My girlfriends and I stayed for a couple of hours, and by the end, we had seen about 25% of the booths and were exhausted! Exhausted, yet super thrilled with everything we found!

This is actually a wooden cake stand which I LOVE. I walked away and the immediately circled back and was so relieved to see that it was still there.

Doesn't every girl need a single, turquoise teacup for her cute, yellow kitchen?
Like little milk crates, these guys were a must have, despite the fact that we do indeed have many salt and pepper receptacles already.
This napkin holder was my favorite find of the day, and, interestingly enough, Tim's least favorite. Good thing that we both agree that compromise is awesome for our relationship, so the napkin holder stays!
This strawberry sugar dish is a close second in line for favorites. It makes me happy to look at!
Turquoise was the color of the day, can you tell?
And, of course, I had to buy the Eiffel Tower vase. Just 'cause. (Hello! $5!!)
Overall, I was thrilled with the finds. Which is your favorite? Any items in your house you discovered at a flea market that you just adore?