Flora Bowley on Letting Go

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley is someone I could interview for the podcast each and every week, knowing that we'd never run out of things to talk about! I was so excited to get to chat with her and think that this episode is the perfect one for us to kick off 2015 with!

This week, Flora and I talk about letting go. I love her take on working through the process of creating, whether you're a painter or a writer or just a human being trying to exist in this crazy world. We also talked about the awkward teenage years of the creative process and making choices. And, did you know that Flora changed her name a few years ago? You know I asked her about that too!

Flora, thank you for shining your light on this episode. You are a gift. 

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Show Notes: 

Connect with Flora: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Flora's book, Brave Intuitive Painting

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Flora's blog post about changing her name

Flora's painting video - she's so good y'all!