friday's confession

{Note: I do realize that this week's friday's confession is coming out on saturday. Busy, I've been busy. But now you get to enjoy a new post on a saturday! Hello, bright side! Happy weekend everyone!)

I'm funny. No, really, I am. 

Sometimes, my blog seems sooo serious to me. So much to think about, to work on, to pay attention to. But, in reality, the non-blogger me is fun. And funny.

For some reason, I can't seem to find my humor in my writing. Perhaps it's because I'm just starting to find my voice, find myself in my writing. Perhaps it's because I take what I'm writing about so very seriously. It is my life, after all.

But, I'm going to work on lightening up. Becoming more like the real me. Finding that funny with words, that's my challenge. In person, humor is all about the timing, the delivery. It's me saying something completely outrageous and the looking at the people around me with a huge smile and raised eyebrows, as if to say, "oh come on, you know you were thinking it too." And then they laugh, relieved, because they didn't have to be the ones to say it. In person, sarcasm is funny. In writing, it's mean.

Fellow writers -- a question for you: how do you find humor in your work? Any tips for a novice?