friday's confession

{Be careful for this one. Are you ready? I don't want you falling out of your chair in shock.}


I'm stubborn. And I don't like change. 

Whoa! Big confession, I know!

Sometimes I'm surprised at just how stubborn I can be, but at least I own it. But owning it doesn't really make it go away or make it less likely to affect things.

The question of the moment is: when I am hesitant to change my plans, how do I know if it's stubbornness or just my instinct saying not to change? 

Remember this? Why, yes, you are correct, that was yesterday. Why, yes, things have changed that quickly. Why, yes, my stubborn self IS struggling with this! Things haven't changed, more shifted. Perhaps for the better?

Now, I'm reevaluating. And reconsidering. And trying to figure out a short-term solution. Yes, things are going to be changing. It's not a matter of if, but of when. It's happening. That ball's in motion and isn't likely to stop. I'm in a position now to make myself more prepared for what's coming. More financially ready. In a safer spot.

Someone's got some thinking to do. And that someone is me. I have to remain flexible while staying true to myself. I have do make decisions with my head but make sure that I'm also listening to my heart. I suppose these are the decisions that build character -- the ones that aren't easy to make.

Look out y'all -- come Monday, I'm going to have A LOT of character!

Photo credit: jpockele