friday's confession

I'm not a very good house painter. I think that's why it took 3 days to paint the kitchen. 3 days, 3 coats, and 1 really weird bruise on the palm of my hand.

Painting well requires precision and accuracy. I'm not so much a precision and accuracy kind of girl. I'm more of a big-ideas type who's super focused on the big picture and doesn't really want to be bothered with all of the small details. Painting means putting paint on the wall! YAY for that! It doesn't mean spending a whole day (!) washing the walls and taping. Lucky for me, Tim actually likes doing that stuff, the taping and the prepping. He also just happens to also be the most patient man in the world. BONUS.

But all that I-hate-painting stuff being said, I am beyond thrilled with how bright and happy our kitchen now is.

Here's a glimpse. I'm not ready to call this the after just yet since the makeover isn't complete, so let's just call this one the during:


Sure beats kakhi, huh? The color is actually a bit brighter than it shows up on the screen, it looks a little more buttery on the photo. Oh well. Maybe by the time I'm doing with the kitchen makeover, I will have learned a thing or two about taking better pictures!