friday's confession

My life is like slow-cooked pulled pork.

Work with me here, people.

Here's the scene: Monday morning. My kitchen. Maggie's observing from her towel and I am ready to make pulled pork in my new-to-me crock pot (thanks Mom!). I had my recommended seasoning packet and was ready to go.


Classy. This packet contains the secret spice combination you need foramazing pulled pork. I added a mixture of brown sugar, ketchup, and cider vinegar. That's it. I was finished. For reals?!


Seems too easy, right? Then I put my meat (straight from the package) into the crock pot and poured the sauce over. The directions then call for you to cook the meat for 8 hours on low. Just walk away. 

That's when I started to doubt. I thought there was no way this:


could actually become something delicious. I was convinced that I would come home to a yucky, uncooked mess and that we'd have to order pizza. Convinced.

And I was wrong. I came home (the house smelled amazing) and checked the pork immediately, finding this:


And it became this:


And it was superb. A fantastically delicious, easy dinner. Which I doubted the whole time. 

Here's my lesson: I have realized that my journey, my artistic path I'm on requires a certain amount of trust. I have to trust that this is possible, that I can make a living as an artist and creative soul. That I can do work that will inspire others to seek out their own authentic path. That I can find my sparkle and help other people in this world find their sparkle.

And I have to trust it, just like I trusted the pulled pork to work out in time for dinner. I have to know that if I put in the right ingredients, set it up well, and then slowly do the work, it will happen. And, if my pulled pork is any indication, things are going to work out deliciously!

Food metaphors are just the best, aren't they?

Is there anything in your life right now that you are needing to trust?