friday's confession

I've been a slack blogger.

Yeah yeah, I know, what else do I have to do but sit around and blog, right? It's not like I have an job to go to every day...HA!

Although you may not realize it, I have been thinking of blogging a lot. Like when I go to sleep. But, then I'm almost asleep, and it doesn't seem good to get out my computer when I should be falling asleep. But perhaps I should, since I don't seem to have a ton of other time right now.

So, since I've been so slack all week, here's a quick update of what I've been up to:

Tim comes home next week, so I spent some time on Monday with my mom (who totally rocks!) trying to get our new house in some order so he isn't scared off when he arrives from his long drive from Colorado. It was not fun, or pretty, but I'm so glad the house is in some sort of order and am so super excited to get to be putting my home together with Tim. It's going to be so wonderful!

On Tuesday I worked on some stuff for our trip to France -- we leave in less than two weeks! -- and then took lovely Jordan's letterpress class. It was a great way to learn the basics of letterpress and now I have 250 beautiful letterpress business cards! If you're in the bay area and curious to see how it all works, I highly recommend her class! Click here for all the deets.

Then I Wednesday, I boarded a plane to Charleston, SC to visit my best friend, Laura. It's nice and sunny here and not too hot. I've already had Chick Fil-A and seen people jumping into a baby pool filled with grits on TV. Things are good here in the South!

Last night, we watched Pool Hall Junkies. The movie is pretty unremarkable, but it does feature Christopher Walken, who's awesome! So, in the spirit of Friday fun, I leave you with this video. It came out a few years ago, but if you haven't seen it, you might just fall in love with Mr. Walken. He's awesome!