friday's confession

I'm about to ask you for money.

It's not for me, don't worry. And it's not for my friend, don't worry. Remember the fundraiser I mentioned I was doing here? Well, now I'm going to tell you all about it!




Here's the deal: I am currently in the process of finding my most happy life. You know that -- it's what this blog is all about. I suppose that's also why you read it.
I realized about a year ago that there are some things about my life that could use improving. Not because they're bad per se, but because they're not great. Because they're just fine. I decided that just fine isn't really enough anymore. I had a job that was just fine and it left me wanting more. So, now I'm off to find it.

I'm searching for my great, my happy.

YOU: That's cool, I guess. But what's your point?
Ah, I'm glad you asked! Here's where the fundraiser comes in!  I have embarked on a fundraiser for At The Crossroads, a homeless teen outreach non-profit in San Francisco. Their mission is to help homeless teens "build healthy and fulfilling lives."
It's like the same thing that I'm doing, but it's not. Not at all, because I am embarking on my journey after 29 years of living a safe, supported life where I know I have been loved by so many people. I have grown up with my mother telling me constantly that I can be whatever I want, that I can get whatever I want out of my life. These young people that At The Crossroads is helping haven't had these opportunities or the luxury of the opportunity to look at their lives and make a change.
So, here's what I'm asking of you, my blog friends. Click here to view and contribute to my personal I

Think I Can campaign: I don't want to be repetitive with what's on my campaign page, but there are some direct benefits to you that come along with contributingto my campaign: 

  • For $25, you will get hand-written, autographed proof that you knew me when...this will be very handy once I make it big and go on Oprah. Then you can sell it on ebay. In this time of economic
    uncertainty, how could you pass up an investment like that?
  • For $100, you get to make a happy-finding suggestion that I promise to seriously consider and write about on my blog. Oh, and you'll also get the card to later sell on ebay. Imagine: you could donate $100 (tax-deductible too!), make a brilliant suggestion, I find my happy and then write about you, YOU! in my book. And then I say your name when I go on Oprah. Cool, huh? 
One note: if you do contribute (thank you!) and I don't personally know you, please send me an email listing your address so I can send a card. It's craftyfanny (at) gmail (dot) com.
I do realize that now is a really tough time for a lot of people. Like really tough. And I understand that. Trust me, this is coming from the crazy girl who just left her job. I get it. No pressure! But, open considerations are always welcome!
Thank you all for your support and for keeping up with my journey. And, no worries, this blog isn't going to become an outlet for all of my causes. Just this one!  There will be more fun, normal stuff to come, I promise!