friday's confession

People think I'm crazy.

Not in a whoa you're quitting your job without a new job during the worst economic recession of our time kind of crazy. Well -- maybe that way too.

But in a wow this lady has a lot of energy and acts silly and crazy and off-the-wall A LOT kind of crazy.

A lot of people don't get me. A lot of people in my life don't understand my energy, my crazy. A lot of people think I'm completely wacky and nutso and can't see why I behave the way  I do.

And you know what? I don't care.

I don't care because the people in my life who are dear to me are people that love, understand and embrace my crazy. They're the people who laugh when I do something silly and dance along to my made-up songs. They're the people who encourage my energy and my creative spirit and love me more for it.

They're the people in my life that truly want what's best for me no matter what. And that don't want me to change or be someone I'm not or try to fit myself into an uncomfortable mold. The people who want that aren't my true friends.

I'm starting to really learn the true value in being able to tell the difference between those two types of people. Between the folks in my life who love me when I am at my most-essential self and those who want me to be someone else, who are uncomfortable by what my spirit can do.

It's one of the most valuable lessons I've learned yet.