friday's confession: I almost didn't do it.


Last week, I was so thrilled to announce to you all that I had won the Be a Co-Host contest over at Spring. And here's my confession: I almost didn't even apply.

Have you ever had a thing you've really wanted to do, but then those horrible little voices in the back of you head stopped you? Those comparisons you start making to other people stopped you? Those doubts and insecurities and fears about "putting yourself out there" stopped you?

Yeah, that almost happened to me with this. When I saw that the contest was announced, I thought, "Oh, this is so me. I'm going to win this!" and then I waited. And didn't act. Then Spring started posting other contestants' videos, which I watched. And started comparing myself. Saying things like, "Oh, this person is so good. I don't even have a chance. I shouldn't even try."

What? I shouldn't even try? Yeah. That lasted for about a minute. Well, maybe two. Two minutes before I realized that I couldn't watch any other contestant's videos. Not yet. Because I couldn't spend my energy comparing myself to them, figuring out my odds compared to theirs.

Fast forward to the morning of the submission deadline. I had about 12 hours to make an introduction video, upload it to Youtube, go to work, come home and email said video off. Here's another secret: I had never made a video of myself before. I had never used iMovie, or my webcam to shoot a video, never uploaded anything to Youtube. But I knew I had no choice. 

Here's the truth: it was tough. I did about 15 takes before I found my rhythm, my voice. But I powered through. Then I had trouble with the software. And I almost gave up. Almost. But I powered through some more.

And look where it's got me: now I'm on the Spring people page. Because I made it!

This whole experience has taught me so much, but the main thing is: I don't want to ever miss out on anything again because I didn't try. I never again want to say, "Oh, I almost did that. But didn't." That's not how I want to live my life.

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