friday's confession: I don't always feel it.

This confession seems like a really good way to wrap up passion week, especially if any of you are feeling a bit put off because your life isn't crazy blingy sparkling moments ALL THE TIME!

So I confess: I don't always feel it. Not all the time.

And that's okay.

We all need balance in our lives. We can't all run around all the time shouting things like, "OMG, THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING DAY EVER. I FEEL SO MUCH PASSION ALL THE TIME. HOLY CRAP! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!" Cause then we'd be manic.

But the key is knowing it's there. Having those things that make you feel like you're living in all caps some of the time. So that when you go back to your lowercase life, you know that there's more out there. You know that there are things out there that make you feel like shouting. That make you feel like you are living your most crazy life. That make the mellow moments feel good even though they're mellow.