friday's confession: I get distracted

Sometimes I get distracted. Actually, a lot of the times I get distracted.

It seems to be a symptom of our internet-driven lifestyles where information is instant. And gratification is instant. And, therefore, focus is split and divided.

I find, though, that when I'm able to focus on one task, things are so much clearer. For example, when I take Maggie on a walk without being on a phone call, I see things clearer. She behaves better. I actually remember to stop and smell the roses (literally!). There are so many parts in my life that could use more focus.

This is my goal for the next week: focus on the task at hand and nothing else. If I'm checking my email, I'll only check my email. I won't check my email and then be distracted by facebook and twitter and oh! the news and blahblahblah. If I'm spending the evening with Tim and Maggie, I won't check my email or twitter. It can wait. 

What a freeing thing to think: it can wait. 

PS. I'd like to note that I wrote this entire blog post without stopping to visit another website once. This focus thing is good!