friday's confession: I have a part-time job.

In the past week, I've had two independent conversations where I've been told "Wow. It's like you're living a secret life that nobody knows about."

Say what?

Note: The whole reason that I write my friday's confessions is because I think it's so important to be transparent, that we can all learn from each other, that we are all actually struggling with the same things.

I'm here, today (happy friday!) to tell you: I have a part-time job.

*jaws drop*

It's true: Every morning, Monday through Friday, I get up and go sit at a desk at a San Francisco non-profit for a few hours before I bring myself back for afternoons filled with coaching.

Yes, it's difficult to compartmentalize both.

Yes, it currently takes me *way too long* to respond to most of my coaching business emails.

Yes, it's still worth it.

The reality is that having this part-time gig shows that I'm 100% dedicated to my coaching business. I'm dedicated and realistic - I know that building a business takes time and that you don't always see the money flow in right away.

I know that getting myself into a financial bind and having to take a full-time job to get out of it isn't what I want to do.

I know that seeds are being planted that will allow me to (soon!) only do my coaching full-time.

I know that having this job, the extra income, and stability is how I take care of myself. I'm not willing to live on not enough money each month in service of doing what I love. I'm not willing to get myself into gobs of debt so that I can build my business. I'm not willing to settle for not being able to take care of my basic needs.

And I don't think that any of us should have to.

And so, I've created this for myself.

Do I often wish that I had more time to blog and write and get inspired? Absolutely.

Do I dream of spaciousness in my life to do things with deliberate abandon? Hell yes.

And do I trust that, although it might be getting built slower than impulsive-me would like, that this is really the best way for me and my life? I undoubtedly do.