friday's confession: I like to test myself.

Do you guys ever set up tests for yourselves?

Ever do something like put yourself into a situation where you're not quite sure how it's going to work out and how you're going to handle it?

I'm entering one of those times right now. 

Does it seem like a good idea for the girl who has no time to take on a new part-time job? It does to me! Eeee!

Here's what I figure: I work well under pressure. I get things done when I don't have infinite time, where there is structure and a set way that things need to be done. I get things done with I'm on deadline and I have no other choice but to get things done.

So I've put myself into a situation where it's going to be do-or-die and the clock will be ticking for me to get things done. Whether I want to or not.

Stay tuned for how it works out. My hope is that being busier will help me blog more, get more done, work on my business more. More not less.