friday's confession: I need a plan.

I need a plan.

I mean, I have a plan. I have this vision of my life, of where I'm going with myself. I know where I'm heading, what I'm working toward. So I've got that. Goals, visions, etc.

But the plan? I think it's a little lacking.

When I was working with Michelle, I did a Myers-Briggs assessment and found that I am an ENFP. This means, my friends, that I am all about the BIG PICTURE. And I am. Big picture. All the time. I have about 100 big ideas rolling through my head. I'm always thinking about the books I'm going to write, blogs I'm going to start, things I'm going to do, create. Retreats I'm going to lead. All of these big ideas.

And I could spend my whole life coming up with big ideas. My challenge is actually figuring out the little steps needed to make all of these things happen...without losing steam and moving onto the next big idea.

So, I need a plan. I think I need to go spend some time at a cafe writing down my plan. Really figuring out the steps I need to take to make all this amazing stuff happen for me.

Do you have a plan? When you need a plan, what's your favorite strategy for coming up with one?