friday's confession: I think self-care is BS.

I'm so excited to be taking part in Mara Glatzel & Tamarisk Sauders-Davies asked me to be a part of their perfectly imperfect project. Although, when they asked me to write about self-care, I said, "are you sure? I have strong opinions." And cause they're awesome, they welcomed me with open arms. You can find out more and see the other GORGEOUS souls joining me on my journey here.

I think self-care is bullshit.

I know. You guys, I know.

I'm a life coach. I should be all about self-care. And I am. Sort of.

Yes, I'm always asking my clients how they're taking care of themselves. Yes, I often give them the homework of taking multiple days off or going to yoga or spending time away from the distractions of social media and the internets and the things they think they *should* be doing.

Yes, so in that respect, I'm all for self-care.

But I don't call it self-care. Because I think that self-care has become rhetoric that isn't useful to most people. Because I hear people claim self-care as a way to avoid responsiblities. Or to support a lifestyle that leads to constant burnout. Or as an excuse for destructive behavior.

I see people leaning on the crutch of self-care without deciding what it means to them on a personal level, and, most times, it doesn't work.

So, rather than talk about the candles and bubble baths and epic days off that tend to come to mind when talking about self-care, I wanted to show what my self-care routine looks like these days:

* working until 11pm because I know I need to get things done and this is the only time I can do them
* honoring my need for rest with lots of 20-minute naps, sometimes even in my car between appointments or errands
* taking my email off of my phone so that I can have time away from my inbox
* setting up systems for staying organized when I move my office into my home
* not taking days off and putting all of my available energy into my coaching business so that I can *finally* stop working at my part-time job and do this 100%
* taking the leap and hiring a Blog Manager (omg! I'm so excited!) to help me actually turn my blog into something consistent, even though I'm not "ready"
* cutting back on the number of days each week that I'm available to coach so that I have chunks of time available to work on other projects

The work of an entrepreneur isn't concise. We don't come in every day at 9 and leave promptly at 6 with an hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks in between. My water cooler is usally twitter, and the co-workers that I see there are some of the most amazing people I've ever (virtually) met in my life.

And it's beautiful and it's messy and it's hard to define. We make it up as we go along, and for many of use, self-care means busting our asses to get the job done. Because at the end of the day, there's no one who's going to sign your paycheck when you're only working at 65%.

And I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

To you: What are your feelings about self-care? How does it (really) show up in your life?