friday's confession: I want this coat.

Did I tell y'all about how I decided to break up with Anthropologie for a few months?

WHOA. I know, right? This girl, who LOOOOVVVEEESS everything Anthro is taking a break? Is she crazy?

(Um, yeah, maybe a little. Are you new here?)

I started to realize that I was stuck in a bit of an Anthro rut. I love all their stuff, but that's all I started seeing. And unfortunately, when all you see are $150-$200 dresses, your sense of value and normal can become skewed.

I decided to take a break, just for a few months, until January 2012. That seemed like a good amount of time to step back and get some perspective. (Do you like how I seem to really enjoy putting these limitations on myself?)

I went into my local Antropologie the other day to help Stef shop for a high school reunion dress and was stopped in my tracks by this beauty:

Hello! It's like the coat version of a Donna Reed dress! *le sigh* What to do?

Oh, and if you're curious, here's the dress Stef ended up taking home. It's dead sexy, y'all. Dead sexy.