friday's confession: I was a hot mess.

I used to be a hot mess. Like Hot. Mess.

I partied. A lot. I was late. All the time. I made out with boys in bars. The wrong kinds of boys.

I made some poor choices in my life.

Up until recently, I realized that I was still caught up in my old way of thinking: Why can't I get my shit together? Why do I always feel like I'm running a million miles behind?

Why am I still such a hot mess?

Um. Hello, Tiffany. You are NOT a hot mess. You're highly-creative yo!

I realized that I've been carrying this old story around for a loooong time. I realized that the choices I'm currently making are actually swell. In fact, they're MAGNIFICENT ifIdosaysomyself.

I have an amazing life. I'm building a business doing what I love, working with the raddest of people. I have an amazing husband and the sweetest puppy. I love my family and adore my friends and get to do the most magical of things with them.

This is no accident.

I have consciously made choices that have had a direct impact on my life. I stopped partying all the time. I learned to (mostly!) manage my time better. I said no more to the wrong boys and started making out with the right one (wink, wink).

This is not to say that my life is perfect or that I am perfect. BUT I cannot continue to define myself as a hot mess based on moments of imperfection or not-having-it-as-together-as-I'd-like-to - and neither can you.

As creatives, we often feel like we aren't 100% on top of things. We have big ideas! It's hard to focus! We make messes!

{And that is FANTASIC y'all. Fucking fantastic.}

Our creativity does lead to messy desks. Or more ideas than we know what to do with. Or a notebook in every room of the house...and bag...and drawer...and that's okay.

Creativity is not a liability. It is an asset. And it's time we (ahem...I) started treating is as such.

Goodbye Hot Mess. Bonjour Beautiful Mess.

Who's with me?

**photo by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

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