friday's confession: i'm a 30 for 30 slacker!

Have y'all been missing my outfits?

I've honestly lost count with what day we're at, how many things I have to post, etc. I'm going to toss these outfits up, but with the warning that it's possible Tim has some saved on his phone that I don't have, but no worries, you'll just get to see those next week! YAY for that, right?

Let's get to it, shall we?

Day 11:

Above: shirt: gift (vintage vantage), cardi: Zara, pants: H&M, shoes: converse, earrings: Crave

My bff, Laura, got me the robot tee for my birthday this year, and it is slowly becoming my favorite shirt in the world! I think the company just went out of business, but this reinforces to me the need to have soft, comfy, cute tees that I can wear that don't look too t-shirty. It also reinforces to me that it's time to get rid of all my grubby t-shirts that are shapeless and dingy.

Day 12:

Above: top, pants and boots: SF Boutique.

Can we talk for a moment about how sleepy I'm looking and am about to look in some of these shots? I really gotta come up with a better system so I can photograph myself at the beginning of the day instead of the end!

Day 13:

Above: cardi: gap outlet, capelet: anthro, dress: H&M, tights: we love colors, boots: SF boutique

I was actually asleep on the couch in this outfit when Tim came home and I made him take my pic before brushing my teeth and going to bed. A better system, folks, I need a better system.

Day 14:

Above: jacket: sf boutique, cami: LOFT, skirt: H&M, belt: Anthro, boots: SF boutique, necklace: renegade, headband: gift

This is one of my favorites of the bunch so far. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing everything in one place when this challenge is over and picking out my top 3. This one might just be in it! Oh, and in case you're wondering if that is the same cami I wore before (wasn't it grey?), you're right? It's not in the challenge. My grey one was dirty, so I totes cheated and wore the black instead. I get a demerit. Whatevs.

Day 15:

Above: cami: gap outlet, dress: H&M, shoes: target

Right. Are you wondering when it became summer for the outfit above? It was a warm-ish day and I got completely caught up in work and forgot I had an actual out-of-house job to go to! Oopsie! So I tossed this on with my sweater and grabbed a scarf and was out the door. Um...y'all? It's December! I froze! I also completely forgot to accessorize. That's what happens when you forget to get dressed for work until you have 15 minutes to get there!

What's your fave of the week?

Oh, and happy friday! I'm going to see Black Swan tonight and CANNOT WAIT! xoxo