Friday's confession: I'm all over the place

Remember how I mentioned that brain dump in yesterday's post? Here I am, and here it comes.

I realized last week that, since January, my life has changed drastically:

I have started (and completed half!) of a life coach training program.
I have moved into a new (and absolutely amazing) studio space.
I have some pretty cool things (that are still secret, but I can't wait to share!) happening with my artwork.
I quit my retail job and started working for an amazing organization.

Right. It's been so much. All at once. Apparently, that's how I roll.

And in the meantime, I've been travelling A LOT. Four trips (one to Central America) in three months with at least one more on the horizon.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining. I'm happy. In fact, sometimes I sit back and pinch myself that this is my life. That things are actually happening. That it is, in fact, all coming together -- even more beautifully than I could have imagined.

And what I've decided is that I'm tired of being busy. And stressed. And not having enough time.

I'm tired of friends calling me to hang out and prefacing everything with, "I know how busy you are, but..."

I'm tired of not blogging.

I'm tired of being just reactive enough to everything in my life.

I'm tired of not being in control.

And, thus, it stops today. Right now. Here.

(look, ma! Two blog posts in two days!! Stellar, right?!)

The brain dump has happened. Systems have been set up. I've identified where I need help. (ps. that's huge, friends)

And hopefully this will all lead to some balance. Some control. And maybe a little more fun?

I say it's high time I start actually enjoying this crazy, magical life of mine!