friday's confession: I'm calling your bluff.

friday's confession: I'm calling your bluff. via Tiffany Han On Wednesday, I hosted a free webinar about pitching and the art of making the ask. (You can see watch it here until Tuesday) At the end of the call, I issued a challenge: whoever sent a pitch within 24 hours would be entered into a drawing to win a spot in my new program AND could email me to get feedback on their pitch.

Everyone was jazzed. Everyone was pumped up. Everyone was SO FREAKING READY at the end of the call.

I had 99 people on the RSVP list for that call. Of those 99, 28 attended live and the rest received the recording and a heads-up about the challenge immediately afterwards. Spreecast tells me that the webinar has been viewed 345 times.

Guess how many emails I got? 15.

15 people raised their hands and said yes. To opportunity. To possibility. To what they really want for their lives.

Was it scary? Sure. But once it's done, who cares?

Because of these 15 emails, here is what became possible:

  • guest post stint on a crazy huge blog
  • interview with big-name blogger
  • book publication
  • stellar testimonial
  • magazine publication
  • service trade for new headshots
  • corporate collaboration and partnership
  • new wholesale account
  • customers!

None of these would have been available if the pitches hadn't been sent.

Can you imagine what might happen if you embraced the "Fear? So what." mentality every day for an entire year? Where might be you at the end of those 12 months? What might you have been able to have accomplished? How would your life have changed?

And here I am calling your bluff.

I know that you say you want it.

I know that you think you want it.

I know that you are so freaking tired of sitting around and waiting for it.

But how willing are you to go out and get it for yourself?

How willing are you to take a deep breath, straighten your shoulders, and step outside of your comfort zone?

How willing are you to say, "Hey world. Look the fuck out. Cause here I come."

You might be reading this saying, "Yes, yes, YES." So what are you going to do about it?

Because I'm tired of hearing all about your dreams but not seeing action. I was tired of thinking about my own dreams and not moving. I was tired of waiting around and waiting around and waiting around.

Which is why I brought back my 100 Rejection Letters goal. Which is why I've committed to receiving 100 Rejection Letters in a year, starting in October. Which is why I'll be blogging about my experience and am gathering a group of like-minded creative women to join me. (Men are allowed too, but let's be honest here.)

Registration is open today. Are you ready to do this?

(Really. It's time. Let's go.)

**photo and graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching