friday's confession: I'm engaged!

Hello dear friends!

I am coming to you today to share some beautiful news: Tim and I got engaged last weekend!!!

My head has been spinning ever since last Saturday when my sneaky, amazing boyfriend teamed up with my dearest friends to execute the PROPOSAL OF THE CENTURY. I was shocked! And thrilled!!!

And, of course, I totally said YES!

The story of the proposal is an awesome one, and my dear friend Mere (who was COMPLETELY in on the scheme) shared her insider's view over here on her blog!

You can also check out the slideshow on facebook to see the course of events -- Tim was sneaky enough to make sure that our dear friend Hilary, who also happens to be a professional photographer, was on board to capture our big day!

It's good stuff, y'all, really good stuff!

I feel so fortunate today to be loved by Tim and by all of our wonderful family and friends. This is only the beginning!!