friday's confession: I'm figuring it out.

Friday's Confession :: I'm figuring it out. | via Tiffany Han People ask me all the time, "How are you managing the babies and your business?"

My short answer: I have no idea, but I am.

The long answer: Human beings have been figuring it out for centuries.

You don’t know what you can handle until you are faced with it. Dive into the deep end, and you’ll learn to swim. You can take on the world. If you let yourself.

I’m now 2 months back in after maternity leave. I have less than half the available hours in a week than I used to.

I have more ideas than I know what to do with and am about to embark on a commitment to get 100 Rejection Letters over the course of 12 months. (And you’ll be able to join me! Be the first to know by signing up here!)

And I’m back at trying to kick ass at this entrepreneur-empowerment-start-a- revolution thing.

Right. It’s a lot. Exhale.

So when people ask me how I’m handling it, I answer by saying, “I’m not sure.”

And that’s the truth.

I’m not sure how I’m handling it all, but I am. I don’t know how I manage to get everything done in a day,  but I do. I can’t tell you how I’ve been able to keep up with it all, but I have. 

And so would you if you were tossed into the deep end of the very same situation. 

People ask how we are doing so well with two babies at home, and I say, “it’s all we know.”

As human beings, we are conditioned to rise up to meet our circumstances head-on. We are skilled at figuring things out in the moment, at not backing down once we’ve stepped into battle.

And yet, we all spend so much time preparing, figuring out how, making plans and researching and trying to play out all the what ifs in our heads.

But the what ifs never come.

The reality of every situation is that it is different from how you will imagine it. So why not stop imagining and just start?

Want to start a business selling your hand-knit baby booties? Open up your etsy shop. Today. Want to become an amazing dancer? Find yourself a class. And go tonight. Want to lose those 5 pounds? Take a walk. Right now. And then take another one after dinner. Tonight.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect photographs or the right shoes or one hundred other things that take precedence.

If you make a commitment to something, you will figure out a way to make it happen. Click to tweet

Preparation and research don’t have anything to do with your commitment. The commitment is a choice that you make. To raise your hand and say yes. To figure it out as you go. To do the work that is necessary to make magic happen.

I used to be a person who prioritized everything in the world as the! most! important! thing!

Now, I have two most importants: my family and my business. Everything else takes a backseat.

Would I like to see my friends more often? Sure. Would I like to have time to take a pilates class a couple of times each week? Absolutely. Would I like to do my hair and put on eyeliner each morning? That would be great. 

But right now, it would all be too much. I keep myself sane by prioritizing my family and my business above all else. I am saying no to other things, other opportunities, other really! good! ideas! so that I can say yes to Tim and our girls, and making my business everything it can be.

And while it seemed hard when I was trying to figure out the how before the girls were born, when I stepped into my new life, it was easy. Things fell into place.

All of a sudden, it all made sense. 

So if there’s something you’re waiting for and hoping for and trying to figure out, give yourself some credit: You’ve made it this far, you brilliant creature. You’ve got this.

Just start doing. You’ll be fine. There will be bumps, but man, the world is ready for you.

Make that choice, that commitment: find your yes and go. (And then don’t be surprised when it’s all so much easier than you ever could have imagined.)

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