friday's confession: I'm nervous.

friday's confession: I'm nervous. via Tiffany Han You've been hearing me talk about my upcoming 100 Rejection Letters program (<-- click to sign up for the early notice list). I've been showing bits and pieces of my work on Instagram. I have poured all of my available energy into creating something that (I think!) is going to be remarkable - both for me and for the people participating in the program.

Man, that is a scary place to be.

It is a place that is filled with doubts, with the what if it doesn't works, with the Oh, man. I've never done anything like this before and I have no idea what will happens.

It's also an exciting place to be. It's a place filled with possibility, with I don't exactly know how to do this, but I'm going to take a breath and go for it anyway. With I could be on to something big - both for myself and my clients - and I have to do this work but holycrap whatifwhatifwhatif. 

And if I let them, the what ifs would overtake everything, and I'd just put the project away.

I'd let myself get overwhelmed with everything and never get it off the ground.

I'd do what I've done before and just talk about how great it would be. I'd plan and dream and research. But I'd never pull the trigger.

So, deep breath (I need to write another post about the importance of breathing!): Starting October 15, I'm re-committing to getting 100 rejection letters in a year. I owe it to my business to find out what would happen if I tried my absolute hardest to make my work amazing. I owe it to myself to find out what I am capable of. I owe it to my daughters to prove to them that goals are worth going all in for.

And I owe it to you - sweet reader - whom I talk to all the time about taking chances, making out with yes, and hitting go - I owe you proof that it's possible, that it can be done.

This is my chance to walk the walk.

And who am I to do this work if I can't walk my walk?

Also, hi nerves. They're here  too. But that's okay. It's how I know I'm on to something big.

So I'm here, head down, doing the work. I may not show this on social media and in my writing, but there are so many times when I doubt myself, when I wonder what the hell I'm doing. When I want to just give up and be a stay at home mom or go get a desk job or just not have to try so hard.

And then I take a deep breath and remember what this is all for, and what I want for myself and my clients. And I realize what an opportunity this is to make a commitment and try something, something uncertain, and to declare that I'm going to figure it out as I go.

And I want you to know that if you feel the nerves or the fear or the doubt, that's okay. It's normal, and a sign that you're on to something big.

You get to choose whether or not the fear stops you.

You get to choose to take a deep breath and take the next step anyway.

You get to choose to not listen to those voices anymore.

It's up to you. I think you know what choice I'm making.

PS. There will be more news SOON about what I've got up my sleeve for the Rejection program.

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

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