friday's confession: I'm pretty

Can we talk for a moment about how nice it is to feel pretty? About how much fun taking pictures can be when, after every shot, the photographer stops to say, "Wow, You're photogenic! All of these are great!"

Yeah, it's pretty freaking rad.

Some of you might have noticed that my website has been getting a bit of a facelift here and there, small changes that will hopefully eventually amount to a new, more cohesive site that fully integrates my coaching, my art, and blahblahblah.

The catalyst for this change: my first big-girl photo shoot with Stef.

Do y'all know Stef? She's my studiomate at Teahouse and is an amazing photographer! Check out her portfolio, etsy shop, and services page. She'll take your picture, tell you you're pretty and make the photo-taking process so SO fun! Oh, and she does kids too!!

I've got a few of the shots up on my website already, but here are some of the outtakes that I really like...

(this is the face Tim gets when he won't bring me ice cream!)

Michelle said that there weren't enough of me being smily, happy Tiff, so this one's for you:

Yep, that's me smiling I think about as big as I can. Michelle, you're welcome.

So fun, right? Thanks Stef for making me feel like a million bucks!

(Oh, and PS. the bubble machine is available for loan, although I highly recommend that every household have its own!)