friday's confession: I'm saying it out loud.

friday's confession: I'm saying it out loud. via Tiffany Han I want to be a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Why does that feel so scary to say out loud?

There are all kinds of “Who do you think you are?” voices that come up for me when I read that, but, for now, I say So what? So what that I don’t know how? So what that people might think I’m silly or unqualified or not good enough? 

So what?

These voices in my head that trip me up aren’t working for me.

Worrying that people on Facebook might think I’m ridiculous for thinking that I’m Oprah-worthy isn’t working for me.

Sitting around and whining “Why not me?” when I see someone else sitting across from Oprah isn’t working for me.

It’s time to figure out what will work for me.

It’s time to start saying my dreams out loud, taking steps towards making them a reality, and finding out what I’m truly capable of.

It’s time to fucking do this y’all.

So here’s my out-loud-omg-I-can-hardly-believe-it dream list for the next year:

  • appear on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday
  • Land a literary agent and get a publishing contract for a book
  • Be featured as a regular (and paid!) contributor to a well-known blog
  • Do a TED talk
  • Be paid to speak at a conference
  • Host an in-person retreat that sells out
  • Secure sponsorship for my podcast
  • Write a monthly “ask a life coach” column for Real Simple


This feels huge.

My year is going to be spent working towards these goals (among others!). Wondering how I’ll get it all done while sustaining my coaching business and taking care of my sweet babies? Me too!

But I’m committed to finding out. I’m committed to trying my hardest and seeing what kinds of opportunities come as a result.

Wanna follow along? I’m keeping a secret blog as part of 100 Rejection Letters where I’ll be sharing everything I learn along the way. You can get year-long access for only $97 (and a payment plan is available!).

Or you can commit to your own rejection letters project and do your own work while following along with mine. We have an amazing group of over 50 women who are all working towards the same goal for their lives. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever been a part of. Registration closes Monday and there are a handful of bonus kits left. Is one of them yours?

Regardless of whether you sign up for the program or not, what dreams can you say out loud? What fucking-crazy goals would you like to accomplish that are bubbling up in you as you read this?

Whatever they are, take a moment to say them out loud. Leave a comment on this post. Write them down and share them on instagram. Tell your best friend.

Saying them out loud gives them power.

It's time, Love. You've got this.

**photo by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching