friday's confession: I'm taking a break.

On July 7, I walked down the street with Heather Day and told her that I'd send a Very Important Email by the end of the month or donate $1,000 to the NRA.

On July 29, I told her that I need an extension.

In the meantime, I saw Susannah Conway post about her (now annual!) August break, and I thought to myself, "Oh. That would be so nice to do. But I just can't."

Then on Wednesday, I realized something had to give. I'm in the middle of a rebrand/website update (yep! It's gonna be awesome!), am running 2 group coaching programs, and am trying to settle back in to regular life after two trips this month.

And in all my trying-to-get-it-all-done, I realize I'm getting nothing done. I'm just circling around it all, unable to land in any one place.

So I'm calling bullshit on my "that would be nice, but I just can't" statement and remembering that I can do whatever I want. This is my business. If it's making me crazy, it's 100% not working. (Note: this is something I tell my clients all the time. It's amazing how hard it is for me to remember it for myself!)

I'm taking a break. I'm giving myself permission to let some things go, so that I can focus on the bigger picture, on the really amazing things I'm super excited about. I'm easing up on the pressure to blog three times each week so that I can have room in my life to feel inspired.

And now I'm passing that permission on to you. Take a break. Take a nap. Take time to regroup and figure out what you really want. Without knowing that, what's it all worth?

PS. Worried you'll miss me? While there will be some blog posts going up throughout the month, the best way to hear from me regularly is to sign up for Good Morning Glitterbomb, my new Monday-Friday email inspiration! (Starts Monday!)

PPS. I'm so behind that this friday's confession is getting written on a Saturday. Which is totes okay by me.

**photo by me; graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching