friday's confession: it's about to get real.

I've been writing y'all. A lot. And I have ideas - BIG ones - and I'm realizing that when I sit down and start moving my pen on the paper, I have a lot to say.

The things I write about are the things I can’t help but write about. They’re the things that wake me up at night, begging to be let out of my brain. The things that make me pull the car over into a random parking lot to get them down on paper.

Those things – these things, I’m sharing – are my sweet spot. We all have it.

What’s yours?

What keeps you up at night with excitement? (Note, this is very different than the thing that keeps you up at night with worry and anxiety.)

What projects do you lose yourself in over and over again? What do you find yourself doing when you only have a couple of spare minutes?

For me, it’s writing.

It’s these ideas, these philosophies, these stories that are so uniquely mine and, at the same time, so universal that I have a duty to the world to tell them.

They aren't always the easiest stories to tell, they're sometimes controversial, sometimes raw, and always True. They're the stories that you hear and say, "oh, me too. I'm glad I'm not alone out there."

It may not be comfortable all the time to share, but it will always be real. And from real, only good things will come, I am certain of it.

Image: The Best is Yet To Come via silvapieces