friday's confession: I've been dreaming of France.

Is this really a confession? Really?

Of course I've been dreaming of France. It's something I think about all. the. time.

I'm working on hatching a plan with my bestie, Laura, to go back. For at least a couple of weeks. Some solo travelling, some group travelling. Some bff travelling.

I'd like all of the above please.

I'm thinking September would be a nice time. Laura and I are talking about doing some sort of retreat. One of my goals for life is to be able to figure out a way to incorporate travel into my coaching and art business. It's convenient, then, isn't it that one of my favorite people in the world just happens to be a certified yoga instructor and an amazing artist.

So this retreat we've concocted in our heads. We were thinking of doing some sort of test-run in the fall. Yoga, painting and coaching. I like the idea of taking time, getting centered, allowing space for creativity and exercise and intentions. Mind-body-spirit wellness combined in France peoples.

Sounds like a good time to me.

Wanna be our guinea pigs?