friday's confession: sometimes I forget

It's true. Sometimes I forget.

I forget what it's all about -- this artist's life I'm trying to build for myself. This independence I'm seeking. This nameless structure that I'm attempting to build into my life.

Sometimes I forget what it's all for.

I get caught up in the busy, the need, the rush of other things. I let that carry me until I don't feel it anymore. And when the motivation is gone, I get zapped.

But this past weekend, at JOY, I got it back. I remembered what it was all about: the connection, the creation, the aliveness that I feel when I'm surrounded by people making beautiful things just for the sake of beautiful things.

The loving and laughing brought me back to what is important.

And to why I'm doing all of this. For the love and the laughter.

And the sheer joy of it all.

Thank you, Liz Lamoreux, for making it possible, for creating the space where we could all just let go. And remember.