friday's confession: I thought I was lazy.

Friday's confession: I thought I was lazy. via Tiffany Han

Would you believe that I used to call myself lazy?

I thought about this recently and shook my head. I have routinely held multiple jobs. I do things. I love projects. And I have an incessant level of enthusiasm for life. I! Go! Nonstop! All! The! Time!

I realized shortly after writing this post that, while I might feel like I'm struggling to get it all done, from the outside, I am kicking ass. I am keeping my business going, launching big things AND taking good care of my family. I am figuring out this working mom thing. It may not look the way the magazines show it, but what I am doing works for me and my family.

The level of energy at which I operate requires, well, energy. And it requires rest. And rejuvenation. And I used to think that my propensity for spending a day on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars made me lazy.

I used to think that being a clutterbug and surrounded by piles and not liking to put away my laundry made me lazy.

I used to think that having nights where I had popcorn and wine for dinner in front of the tv made me lazy.

I realize now that these things made me human. They made me a person who does a lot with her time and her days and gets shit done but needs downtime to stay sane.

They make me normal.

The need to laze around does not a lazy person make.

And yet we put so much pressure on ourselves. We all want to do all the things! and make everything happen! and get it all done! right now!

To the point that we run ourselves into the ground.

It’s not lazy, it’s restorative.

It’s not lazy, it’s relaxing.

It’s not lazy, it’s recuperating.

How do you need to let up on yourself? Are you constantly calling yourself lazy, or an idiot, or something worse?

What if, instead of looking with disdain on what you do to take care of yourself, you give yourself space for downtime?

What if you commit to one pajama day a month where you make it your goal to not get dressed or leave the house? (Pajama days are my favorite btw!)

What if you try to read one non-business, non-self help book a week, the trashier, the better?

What if you turn your phone off every night at 6:00 pm and let yourself read magazines and watch tv instead of trying to be productive?

What if you focused on letting your brain rest instead of trying to multi-task and check your email and instagram and twitter all the time?

What if you recognized what you need and you let yourself have it? No matter what?

And what if this recognition and surrender was actually the key to being more productive and more creative and more efficient?

Are you willing to give it a shot?

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

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