Get Your Paint On!

You guys!

Sweet, sweet Mati Rose and her awesome friend, Lisa Congdon (who rocks, btw) have launched their own e-course, and it's all about painting!

Can we talk for a minute about how much fun this is going to be?

I've taken a lot of e-courses and, while they've all been fantastic, I'm really excited to be doing one that allows me to actually get my hands dirty and start making art!

If you're a wannabe-painter who doesn't quite know where to start, this course is for you! If you're an experienced painter who would like the opportunity to learn from two successful and amazing artists, this course is for you.

If you're a creative person who just wants to have some fun, this course is for you.

The 5-week class starts January 31 and I cannot wait!

Who's with me?