giraffe belt...what?!?!

Happy Monday friends!

My life is slowly settling back into normal after an amazing 2-week visit from my super bff Laura (pleasemoveherepleasemoveherepleasemovehere!) and a whirlwind of other really fun stuff...more on all of that later!

I have so much excitement to share and I thought I'd kick the week off with my new favorite accessory. It's from Anthro, of course.


Do I need to break down this awesomeness?

  1. It's a belt that can be worn over shirt dresses. We all know how much I love the shirt dresses.
  2. It has a zipper pouch. A zipper pouch, people! Like a modern day fanny pack! Only the pouch is pretty narrow, so really only big enough for a BART ticket or a love note from Tim.
  3. Giraffes, y'all. The thing is covered in giraffes.

I don't know if I've ever seen a more perfect belt.

And, yes, I do already own it. Tim says he's surprised I'm not actually wearing it with my pajamas.