guest post from Laura: are you in love?

Squeal...have you guys met my bff Laura? I'm sure I've talked about her before, but I am so tickled and thrilled that she's finally entered the blogging world and started a blog of her own! Thanks, darlin, for helping hold down the fort while I'm gone...the rest of you better be sure to check out laura's artwork -- there's a small assortment included in the post...isn't it GORGEOUS!

Valentine’s Day just passed us, love it or hate it, and for the first time in 11 years, I found myself single.  And I’m okay with that.  Because these days I’m feeling all kinds of warm fuzzies towards my life. 

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Now, don’t get me wrong- I’m not about to go marry myself in Hawaii a la Michelle Rodriguez (Italy’s really more my style).  But for the first time in a long time- I really love the life I’m living.  Now, it’s not perfect by any means- but it’s perfect for me.  It fits.  And it got me wondering- are you in love with your life?  Do you have those moments where you look around and think “this is exactly what I want for me”? 

For me it’s the little things that give me that boost- seeing my adorable car in the parking lot and loving it because I picked it out, just for me.  Or being so (SO!) nervous about salsa dancing with strangers but always having a ball once I do it.  My life resembles me and that’s the best feeling in the world. 

If you don’t feel this way- I can also relate.  This is a brand new feeling after spending the past 10 years (yep- that long, I’m embarrassed to admit) trying to force what I thought my life should be on myself.  It was not fun, to put it mildly.  And I didn’t know how to change it- I felt utterly and completely stuck. 

For me, the turning point came when everything had fallen apart- my marriage, my job-and my life was quickly stacking up to be something I did not enjoy at all.  I had no choice but to start over and try to get it right this time.  And through some major trial and error (Do I want to quit my job and train to be a yoga teacher?  Move to a different state?  Let’s see!), I began to figure out what I really, really loved (travel! yoga!) and what I really, really, didn’t (excuses, non-creative jobs). 

Yep- it’s still hard sometimes and I thought of a million and one reasons why I couldn’t do the things I knew I would love (like, “I can’t travel to France now- it would take all of my savings!”).  But I was really the only thing holding me back and even though the logistics are much crazier now- I only work part time, I did spend my savings on travel- it’s easier to make the things I love happen.  Go figure. 

So here’s my advice if you want to start falling in love with life:

Start small. 

Ignore any doubts, especially when you start small. 

Don’t even consider the worst case scenario- only the best case. 

And then, remember the feeling you have when you’ve fit the right puzzle piece into your life- that will help you keep at it when you go for the bigger pieces.

So, are you in love with your life?  If not, what’s a step that you’ve wanted to take that you haven’t yet?  Let me know- I love to try to talk people into things!


Laura Hannon is an artist, nanny and aspiring yogini living in Charlotte, NC.  When she’s not painting, salsa dancing or trying to learn Italian, she spends her time concocting crazy schemes of moving herself, her Yaris and her socially awkward dog, Josie, to Italy.  You can check out her artwork (and find out just how much she loves Italy) at