guest post from Monica: a diet of inspiration

Bonjour from Belize peeps! Please join me in welcoming Monica to the blog today. You may remember her from last week! Monica-- welcome! It's so fantastic to have you here!!

Whenever clients ask me for help with their diet, I always start with one question: What do you LIKE to eat?

This may sound like a straight forward question, but I am more often than not answered with something along the lines of “Oh I don’t know, whatever I feel like at the time” or “I’m not picky, I eat anything.”

Even when it comes to something we do at least three times a day, most of us have a hard time initially articulating what makes our mouth water.

Isn’t that interesting considering that within five minutes of probing, I find out they cook the same dinner three nights a week, hate mustard, refuse to eat cooked carrots, live for their mom’s apple crisp recipe, and crave a Starbucks chai latte around 3pm.

The solution for improving diet and health is not in obsessively counting calories or popping diet pills, but in being aware of our personal tastes, and combining those tastes with nutritious, life-supporting foods.

Similarly, when it comes to expressing ourselves creatively, we must be connected with what makes us light up inside. Call it our Authentic Voice, Our Uniquity, or our Sense of Self, our art reflects our beliefs, tastes, and values. If we don’t know our own likes and dislikes, we send out jumbled messages into the world. Our wires cross. We find ourselves feeling stuck. Or worse… misunderstood.

This is when most of us look to others/possessions/food/caffeine/alcohol to get unstuck. Once we realize these “solutions” are simply band-aids on a leaky faucet, we can come to terms with our deepest Truth: Look Within.

When we know and connect with the person we see in the mirror, we experience freedom. And when we are free, nothing in the entire universe can stop us from living inspired lives.

And that takes the (vegan, gluten-free, vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles) cake.


Monica McCarthy helps creative people prioritize their health and happiness with fun and fulfilling lifestyle changes. A certified Holistic Health Coach, professional actress, expert blogger for Reboot, art and DIY fanatic, Monica lives in NYC with her fiancé and their super-rescue pup.

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